GLOS Plan Testimonials

The GLOS Plan was developed after Dr. Lil and her husband desperately searched for the perfect approach to reach their health goals. The couple found themselves physically active, but poor food choices robbed them of results. After much trial and error for a clean eating regimen to match their native Cajun tastebuds, they achieved noticeable changes in 12 weeks. Family and friends noticed the fitness results, and wanted to learn more. Then friends of friends wanted details too. On-going reviews of "the science" behind their approach, resulted in what is now known as the GLOS Plan.  

The GLOS Plan is more than "a meal plan." The goal of GLOS is to help motivated people learn clean eating facts and behavioral strategies for optimal results in 10 weeks for health, wellness, and fitness needs. Most people "throw in the towel," because they are unable to shed the initial pounds due to inaccurate information, and unfeasible approaches. GLOS has helped people 1) change the way they see food, 2) identify realistic goals for real changes, and 3) understand facts regarding weight loss for the human body. Most people lose between 10 and 12 pounds with the GLOS Plan (some without exercise--How? It's science!) . 

Please read testimonies of individuals who were able to understand the GLOS Plan concept, and adopt similar clean eating habits to fit their lifestyle(s) through step-by-step virtual coaching.

I received confirmation from my doctor that I have lost 20 pounds within the past year. I wanted to change my eating habits to be healthier, fight against hereditary illnesses, and to lead my family in the right direction. I started the GLOS Plan over a year ago, and was able to learn easy and healthy approaches to transform my lifestyle. I ate clean 85% of the time, exercised 2% of the time, and the rest consisted of motivation from none other than Dr. Lil. My jaw hit the floor after my latest doctor's visit, because I never knew my weight loss was so drastic. I've always been slim, but after giving birth twice the weight gain became noticeable. SCREAMING FROM THE TOP OF MY LUNGS, THANK YOU GLOS PLAN. Not only did you change my eating patterns for a lifetime, but you you also opened a door of hidden talents I never knew existed. I can only imagine my results if I had been 100% obedient.

~L.B., Baton Rouge, LA~

Men GLOS Too: When I first started on my weight loss journey I applied a lot of different diet principles that I thought would work. However, I lacked real direction. I lost 3 pounds in a month with my routine way of doing things. Then I started the GLOS Plan. The plan gave me a vehicle to attain my weight loss goals and a clear road map that was easy to follow. I lost 15 pounds in 12 weeks on the GLOS Plan and I am still GLOSing today.

                                             ~K.C., Baton Rouge, LA~

The GLOS Plan does not use the word diet. The word "diet" has this negative connotation. The plan allowed me to eat most of my favorite foods, but just substituting with a cleaner version. A version, I would not have tried on my own because subconsciously I would have thought it would not have been tasty. The GLOS Plan does not include supplements that would decrease one's appetite. I have used supplements before because I wanted to lose weight quickly or I just wanted to continue eating my fatty foods and not feel guilty. I did it different this time around, the GLOS Plan gives options ( many ) for meals, which a person like me needs. I am not creative in the kitchen, so I typically eat the same boring meals. I have hypertension and this is really helping me out with the salt intake. The GLOS Plan is a great plan!

~L.J., Houma, LA~

I had not been happy with my weight for almost 8 years. But, after having two children, I was at my heaviest and feeling very frustrated that I did not seem to have much control over my body. I especially did not like the tummy that I was left with after two caesarean sections. Vacations and family reunions were always a drag because that’s when I had to hear from friends and family members about my weight.

I tried exercising but wasn’t eating right and decided to join Weight Watchers online to regain control. I tried Weight Watchers twice. In sum, it took nearly 2 years to lose 7 pounds through that program. Each time, I would stay on the plan for about 2 months and would lose about 5 pounds. I was still very overweight for my frame and height. After counting points and trying to starve myself to reach my weight loss goals, I learned about Dr. Gibson’s GLOS formula for weight loss and the

results speak for themselves!  

I enjoyed the one on one coaching about selecting better food choices, and ways to maximize my results.

Since GLOS I feel great, I’m never hungry, and within 10 weeks I lost 19 pounds! Weight loss has never made more sense to me, now that I’m using GLOS and I can say that without a doubt I am finally on my way to being in the best shape of my life!

~Dr. Roz, Hattiesburg, MS~

As a wife, mother of 3 children, and having 2 babies exactly 1 year and 22 days apart, I needed a way to start shedding the baby weight without spending an extensive amount of time in the gym. I heard about the GLOS Plan that focused solely on clean eating. During this time I learned to make simple daily changes to target my eating patterns. I unknowingly neglected details that made a huge difference in my weight loss. I also made reasonable changes that were satisfying for myself and my family. It wasn't a fad diet (that I normally try and quit), it was a lifestyle change program that helped me see food differently. I was amazed to see my family seek my meals and request them too. I lost 11 pounds in 12 weeks, and have dropped 2 dress sizes to date. The GLOS Plan works and has changed the way I look at eating.

*Please note the before and after picture is reflective of zero exercise*

~K.L., Wiley, TX~

My weight loss journey started in January 2014. Just like everyone else, I waited for a new year to work on the new me. I heard of "clean eating" through the GLOS Plan, but I never thought I would be able to keep up with the eating changes. Well, I kept up with the clean eating and incorporated a little cardio. Oh my, the pounds and fat started to shed! I look and feel awesome. I never would have imagined that "I, a mother of 3" could accomplish this. I'll admit it's a challenge, but once you see results, you become inspired. I lost approximately 20 lbs. through the use of the GLOS Plan and the information provided that made sense to me. Without Lillian aka Dr. GLOS, I would have given up and wouldn't have achieved such results. GLOS looks good on me! Thanks a bunch GLOS Plan!

~S.M., Houma, LA~

Earlier this year I decided to work on getting my health back in order. I've managed to lose almost 20 pounds in a little over 3 months, and down a dress size thus far. How? I've been using the GLOS Plan. GLOS helped me focus on a lifestyle change with REALISTIC weight and health goals. No dieting required.....just strategic clean eating and exercise. I'm happy to see my progress.

~P.C., Washington, D.C.~

 I consulted with GLOS because I was serious about a lifestyle change as I was not pleased with my body for family vacation after having my child. After giving birth to my son the baby weight fell off easily. But I became comfortable and was still eating as if I were still pregnant without working out. After tips from GLOS, I was able to drop 10 pounds for my vacation and discover new recipes. Although I am not exactly where I want to be (toned) in my journey, I feel more confident and am satisfied with my results. The journey continues...

~D.L., St. Louis, MO~

The GLOS Plan came at a time when I was dealing with a divorce, raising 3 children, and having health issues. I always suffered with hypertension and cholesterol problems. My doctor told me I needed to lose weight or picture someone else raising my children. That really scared me. At this time I was 280 pounds wearing a size 22. I started off walking and then gradually joined the gym, but didn't consistently go. I got totally discouraged and stopped going. I didn’t want my health to worsen, so I stopped consuming carbonated drinks, and took baby steps. As time went on I contacted GLOS for tips on what to do, and started the process of what was sent to me regarding meals. I started to see more results. As I continued to lose weight, I was able to keep up with my children and not be short winded. Now I am down to 217 pounds and still dropping. I can keep up with my children and my health is much better.

~N.S., Houma, LA~

I had considered losing weight but after hearing of GLOS from Lillian, I decided this was worth a try. It was hard at first because I wasn't fully committed and hung out with people who mocked me initially for trying it. After about 2 weeks of the program, I decided it was finally time to start working out and signed up for boot camp (fit lab fitness). After about 2 weeks there and still doing the GLOS Plan, I noticed a 10lb loss. Results motivated me. Friends near me were seeing my results and were no longer mocking but ready to give it a try. The thing that has made it easiest is: a huge support system, a clear approach to understand weight loss, and results!

~S.W., Baton Rouge, LA~


"You Don't Know What You Don't Know" - As a business traveler I thought being healthy on the road was too complicated. The GLOS Plan introduced me to a new lifestyle that made me more aware of eating choices and modifications I can make regardless of my location. Twenty pounds lost and I'm handling my busiet travel time with GLOS Pride.

~B.T., Mansfield, TX~


My journey started in the summer of 2013, My cousin came over and I was impressed with her weight loss and wanted in. I'm an emotional eater and time, and my favorites were snacks. I had to release them and only have them in moderation. I was able to lose 20 lbs within three months with the help of GLOS. Having someone there to encourage me, and keep me grounded helped tremendously. I was provided with a meal plan, information on how to lose weigh, and easy access to my mentor. With all this knowledge you can't help but win.

Las year in March my sugar level was above normal. This year my numbers are great. My doctor who I haven't seen in over a year asked what I was doing. I informed her that I'm eating clean! She informed me to keep it up. I'm in a much happier place in my life thanks to GLOS. Thanks for being who you are and taking the time to help me stay on track. The information that you provide is priceless.

~T.D., Dallas, TX~


GLOS has been such a “lifeline” for me and has kept me motivated to say on the path to clean, healthy eating. Although I independently changed my eating habits and became more physically active, Dr. Gibson gave me helpful pointers to help smooth the way. She has consistently kept up-to-date on my progress and has provided much support and positive feedback to help with problem solving concerns specific to my life. She has even made recommendations on various types of cardio movements to compliment my goals. Following major dental surgery, I was unable to consume enough food to sustain my energy level. While I hesitated to continue down the path of unhealthy eating patterns, Dr. Gibson stepped in and made a few recommendations to keep me on track. Her recommendations were able to help move me off the bubble. A great support system is a wonderful thing to have!!!

~C.W., Dallas, TX~


For months, I kept hearing about a weight loss challenge (GLOS Plan) geared to help people learn how to eat the right foods in order to lose weight. In my mind, I was eating all the right foods and I was exercising daily. So, this challenge wasn't for me. Then the scale stopped moving, and I could not understand why. So after every excuse in the book, I finally accepted the GLOS challenge. With GLOS and A LOT of patience with myself, the scale started to move again. I usually exercise 4 days a week but at times, I enountered life challenges that prevented me from going to the gym as often BUT I continued to follow the GLOS Plan, and the scale continued to move. GLOS eating became a household plan. It's amazing what TOTAL dedication and TOTAL consistency can do for your physical well being within a matter of weeks!!!

~A.D., Baton Rouge, LA~