The GLOS Plan

"People often underestimate food intake, and overestimate exercise when searching for results." Dr. Lil

Your health is your wealth! The GLOS Plan bridges the gap between health information and desired results through the use of educational, scientific facts made simple for everyday people. GLOS also complements busy lifestyles as information is provided via email.

The GLOS Plan investment includes a personalized guide, detailed instructions, meals, snacks, recipes, and a shopping template followed by coaching emails to achieve noticeable results, and a maintainable lifestyle approach.

GLOS can help if you want to improve your health, and...

●are unsure of where to start your journey (I don't know what to eat)

●need a simplified, easy to follow resource to learn about healthy food options that are tasty and trigger weight loss without going hungry (I don't want to feel deprived)

●want to get out of the cycle of gaining and losing weight, or not losing at all (I will never achieve my goals)

●want personal support when selecting meal options whether at home or on the go (It sounds good, but will it work for me)

How the GLOS Plan works!

Once individuals have identified their goal, received their plan, and have scheduled weekly meals and snacks from their personalized GLOS guide, they will receive weekly emails focusing on the following:

Phase 1:

1) Targets a clean eating schedule for daily meals and snacks

2) Targets strategies for re-stocking your pantry

3) Targets how to survive when on the go

Phase 2:

1) Focuses on what to eat as a new standard

2) Focuses on when to eat to keep your body’s metabolism going

3) Focuses on “why, when, and how” to track calories

4) Focuses on clean eating optimization

5) Continued information on the following:

                   a) Food Education

                   b) Strategies for Success

                   c) Problem Solve: What was easy and what was hard?

Phase 3:

1) Focuses on protein maxing

2) Focuses on maintenance strategies

3) Tools to help you succeed for life

4) Review of new "eating" standard after completing the GLOS Plan

The GLOS Plan does not focus on the "act" of meal prepping alone. The plan teaches people "how and why" to select the tastiest, nourishing meals and snacks for improved health and weight loss. GLOS is concerned about the contents inside of planned meals. It is important for lifestyle changes to be appealing and "doable" to last longer. If people learn how to select meals based on food science, they can do the same in any setting and forever. 

When you think of GLOS Plan meals, don't envision this! GLOS Plan meals were developed to be satisfying to the taste buds and not feel restrictive. This picture is not representative of the bulk of meals people have enjoyed from the color coded GLOS meal plan. Clean eating is easy once you know what to do.

The GLOS Plan meals can be an excellent supplement for people who decide to "juice" (picture on the left) or for individuals who opt for occasional meal replacements (picture on the right). The GLOS Plan focuses on actual foods for all meals and does not require a "detox" phase to achieve desired weight loss results.

The GLOS Plan also educates individuals on the best times to "juice" and standards for meal replacements as the science behind this process is more complex than most people know. GLOS has helped to correct common errors that have served as a barrier for weight loss given some people truly do not know where and how to start lifestyle changes for long-term success. 

The GLOS Plan teaches women how to make wise clean eating choices in any setting. Try the GLOS experience for yourself.