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Weight Loss Starts on your Plate

Nourishing your soul with food and good nutrition creates life's balance...

GLOS Plan is here to answer the question of how to eat well and lose weight without starving or opting for boring foods.

Connect with me for plans that fit your lifestyle and needs. 

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Don't Miss Out: End of the Year 21 Day GLOS Cleanse

It’s the end of the year and time to trim the inches off our bodies. Good habits at the end of the year will usher new habits into the year 2022! 

Our bodies have undergone so much stress throughout the year, and a little body self care never hurt anyone. 

The cleanse plan includes: daily affirmations, meal ideas, video snippets, and the needed accountability to close out year 2021!

Click the link below to receive a PDF that includes the coaching group link, and meal plan details. 

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Understand My Journey

I was burning fat in the gym while eating fatty foods.  Listen to my moment of self discovery that led to the birth of the GLOS Plan. 

Who We Are: The GLOS PLAN

The GLOS Plan, an on-line coaching program, has grown in popularity among working moms and the modern woman aiming to drop a dress size and/or acquire improved health.

The plan is ideal as it does not require 1) a gym commitment, or 2) a "body builder's" food regimen to achieve noticeable results.

Individuals finish the plan with a clear understanding of food properties that impact weight, meal alternatives that do not feel restrictive, and a sense of empowerment through friendly food education made simple.

- 8 week virtual lifestyle change programs for healthier eating habits.

* GLOS guide (21 page digital download: color coded clean eating meal plan, grocery shopping template, and recipes)

* Coaching emails sent 3 times per week focusing on food education and simple steps to a healthier lifestyle and weight loss

* Weekly weigh-ins to manage plan efficiently (only pounds lost each week are requested)

Cost: $25.00 per week (payment plans can be arranged if requested)

Payment methods: 

-Invoice emailed (use form below to start communication)

-Pay Pal

-Cash App $LSGIBS1

Contact Dr. Lil of GLOS Plan

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Have questions and need to talk via email or phone? Contact me. 

"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have the safest way to health."

- Hippocrates -

How The GLOS Plan  Can Help You

The GLOS Plan provides year-round programs focusing on clean eating and weight loss. Meal plans are low calorie, low fat, and low carbs. 

GLOS coaching clients enjoy personal connections to help them meet their fitness and wellness needs through coaching emails, 10-minute video chats, motivational health videos, and weigh-ins.

Dr. Lil is the founder of GLOS (pronounced "gloss") and passionately believes that any goal can be surpassed through the delivery of factual, and personable information.